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...ladies and gentlemen subscribers. Should be with you around midnight EST.


Asanko (AKG): Looks like K2 Associates was right all along

A massive reserves loss at Nkram, just the way the K2 shorters predicted.


Allan Barry sure loves his booze

And himself.

You can tell when he's been hitting the sauce, too. His grammar goes to hell and like any regular drunk he gets caught in the repeat loop, saying the same stupid thing over and over again.

Reader mailbag, GMV Minerals (GMC.v) edition

While your humble scribe sneaks time away, we fill in with a bit of reader mail. Here's today's best from reader "FG", regarding GMV Minerals (GMV.v) and its news yesterday (yup he saw the crass scam in nanoseconds):


Hey Otto:

I'm sick of this shit, sick of these bullshit companies, and especially sick of these bullshit QPs who allow this type of release to make it to market. I'm a P.Geo., and I take it seriously. These asshats make us all look bad.

Just so you know, from now on, every time you shine your light on these cockroaches, I'm going to file a complaint with BCSC naming both the company, the offending news release, and the QP involved. It's not hard to do, and it takes more than a name'n'shame on a public blog to get the regulators moving, unfortunately. An actual complaint might actually get some action. (Maybe.)


Thanks FG and agreed on how little this humble corner of cyberspace can change matters. People who read IKN are normally more switched on as well, not the dumbasses who think they're being helped over at, poor dears.


And your humble scribe's work desk is...

...way over there.

See you Friday, suit-wearing people.

GMV Minerals (GMV.v): Spot the junior BS

This spotted by smart reader "A", see if you can see how GMV.v is BSsing you with its headline claim of 27.4m of 0.87 g/t gold.

Hint: look at the GMV 2016-8 drill assay further down the NR. Once you spot their scam it's so crass it's funny. There's nothing that exploreco scamsters won't stoop to in order to separate dumbis from their cash.


On the road

Posting will be light for the next three or four days. For secret reasons.


Pentanova (PMI.v) news

Word reaches this desk that Serafino Iacono isn't in a hurry to revisit Colombia, due to the fact that he's wanted for questioning by the Colombian regulatory authories about the collapse of Pacific Rubiales and the bare-faced way in which he's set up a brand new company, Pentanova, without offering compensation to the thousands of Colombians who lost tens of millions of dollars in the previous disaster.

Ecuador Presidential election: A second round run-off is now a near-certainty

The scenario is still somewhat fluid and caveats apply:
  • As per this Monday evening there are 90.2% of votes counted, not 100%.
  • President government candidateLenin Moreno has 39.09% of the votes and if he makes it to 40% + 1 vote, he wins in this round and no ballotage will be needed.
  • Main opposition candidate Guiilermo Lasso has 28.38% as per this evening and is in second place.
  • The Ecuador electoral body now don't expect 100% of votes counted before Thursday, so until then there will be a bit of tenterhooks.
However, with those taken into account and the way in which the count has developed through the 70% level and 80% level, it's now a heavy odds statistical likelihood that the Ecuador Presidential election goes to a second round run-off on April 2nd. If it does, it's going to be a very close thing for the win and the big job between the two players, because we've already seen third placed Viteri announce her support for Lasso and most of the other candidates are set to do the same. What's more, dear and kind junior mining speculator person, this whole shebang may affect you too because an eventual Lasso win would be bad news for mining stocks with Ecuador exposure. Don't say IKN didn't warn you.

A geologist demolishes the Alset (ION.v) scam (at last)

The problem with hiring an idiot as a CEO of a scammy worthless pumpjob exploreco mining junior is that when somebody who actually knows what they're talking about takes a good look at your company, not only do the promotional arguments turn to dust in seconds but the idiot at the top has no type of comeback or answer whatsoever.

For it own sake, Canada needs to euthanize this scam and all others like it. Blowhards like 100% unqualified Allan Barry require public ridicule and a guarantee that they will never soil your capital markets again. You owe a debt of gratitude to geologist DanO for shining a light on Alset (ION.v) in this solidly argued and entertainingly spleen-filled report. Go have a read.

Northern Dynasty: Ron Thiessen does BNN

From last Friday. Watch the segment right here

Personally, Ron T had me virtually at hello with his first salvo which was (and I quote), "We released an economic study in 2011 that speaks for itself". So speak to us, oh economic study!
  • A PEA (the flimsiest allowed under 43-101 rules)
  • A pre-tax IRR of 14%
  • According to the PEA a permitting track of between eight and 15 (yeah, that says fifteen) years.
  • Nobody really knows, but a capex of many many billions of dollars. Seven? Thirteen? Nobody knows! Sad!

Yup, speaks for itself. It's a bullshit project getting pumped by scumbags to idiots.