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The Muck Pile: Teddy Salad is growing on me already

This is my kind of blogger. Muckpile Mike I salute you, you've found an excellent voice to take over the space. Teddy Salad I doff my cap, you are a welcome and much-needed addition to the blogosphere, sir.


50 years.

Wesdome ( trading

I've heard more rumours than I've had hot dinners about Wesdome ( in the last couple of days, most of them centred around the pending drill numbers from Kiena, apparently about to hit any day now. So it's interesting to see the PPS fall off a mini cliff a few minutes ago, there are some fun'n'games going on in this stock now, it seems.

On seeing the share price getting thrown around like that I was reminded of the larger players in the stock that had their plans rebuffed and promptly withdrew chunks of their cash to put it into...IMPACT Silver at a buck. Oops.

Well Mister Ogilvie, I think this is probably wise under the circumstances

From the Ruby Con NR just out:

"The Company plans to commence Phase 1 of a comprehensive exploration program following the successful completion of the Restructuring Transaction and after a period of transition. The goal of the exploration program is to gain a better understanding of the geology of the F2 Gold Deposit..."

That and the "we dilute existing shareholders to 5%" are the funniest bits.

Inspired by reader JM, this:

The junior mining shakedown, as explained in the year 1377

Dear IKN reader, promise to read the quote in this one because it's simply wonderful. 

One of IKN's fave readers and mailpals (so shy he doesn't even like to see his initials) sent in a quote from The Muqaddimah, written in 1377 by Ibn Khaldun, that he found used in a professional study book The 48 Rules of Power, by Robert Greene. For more on The Muqaddimah and its author do what I've been doing this morning and check out this fascinating wikipedia page but we'll get straight to the quote, you'll see just why my mailpal thought of the junior mining world.

"Many weak-minded persons in cities hope to discover  property under the surface of the earth and to make some profit from it. In the Maghrib there are many Berber "students" who are unable to make a living by natural ways and means. They approach well-to-do people with papers that have torn margins and contain either non-Arabic writing or what they claim to be the translation of a document written by the owner of buried treasures, giving the clue to the hiding place. In this way. they try to get sustenance by (persuading the well-to-do) to send them out to dig and hunt for treasure. Occasionally one of these treasure hunters displays strange information or some remarkable trick of magic with which he fools people into believing his other claims, although, in fact, he knows nothing of magic and its procedures...

"The things that have been said about (treasure hunting) have no scientific basis, nor are they based upon (factual) information. It should be realized that although treasures are found, this happens rarely and by chance, not by systematic search... Those who are deluded or afflicted by these things must take refuge in God from their inability to make a living and their laziness in this respect. They should not occupy themselves with absurdities and untrue stories."

1332 - 1406

And that's the best thing I'm going to do on the blog today all week this year. Many thanks, A. Person.


Nothing Stands Out Quite Like a Cadillac Eldorado in South America

Here's the Road & Track report and here's the video that goes with it.

Geology, too. Enjoy.

Regarding Chubut and the possible referendum on mining

This op-ed is exactly right. Extract here (translated)

To stay outside such a traumatic and politically incorrect decision the government has passed the ball over to the population. If the referendum is positive for mining, the governor will say that "The majority decision must be respected"....if the decision is a negative Das Neves with his best "It wasn't me" face will tell Macri, "Sorry Mau, I wanted it but the people said no".

Full thing here. Go read it all, practice your Spanish and find out just why Chubut governor Mario das Neves is one of the most astute political animals in his country.

Chart of the day is..., the Kitco live chart (found here):

On the one hand it's only $10/oz or so higher than the top end of recent days, not exactly the crown jewels. But on the other it's $20+ higher than this time yesterday and a snap out of the range and gives reason for optimism and thoughts about gold re-taking $1.3k.


The Muck Pile returns

The best mining blog in the Great White North is back! Yes indeed, IKN is ravished to announce that you need to put The Muck Pile back on your RSS because as from today it's up and running again. There is a difference over there though, as previous blogmeister Muckpile Mike has handed over to one 'Teddy Salad' as your host. Let's see how things get on.  

Check out the blog right here and welcome Teddy, make Mike proud.

Jaime Pinto goes to geology class

Hey, you remember Jaime Pinto, the toerag hired by Team Hodges to ruin Minera IRL and asset strip it to Polon's pally pals? Well since he was...
...kicked out of Minera IRL by its shareholders
...fired from Peru O&G company Relapasa for helping to run it into the ground
...kicked out of a local pension fund for recommending Relapasa as a good investment
...and even being kicked off the board of a company as doggy as Lupaka Gold (LPK.v)
...he's been at a loose end, without much to do and a lot of day to fill. Now obviously he can't schlep around his fave coffee houses trying to drum up business all day so this afternoon he decided to do something he never bothered to do in the whole of 2015, he learned a bit about Minera IRL's Ollachea project. He went along and decided to take a front row seat at the presentation of the project at a Peru geology conference, the talk given by the man who stood up to him at IRL and exposed his nefarious ways, Diego Benavides. Here's the montage photo of Benavides at the podium and below, there's our unemployed pal Jaime Pinto:

Doesn't he look attentive? I wonder what he's thinking? Something like "Hey if I hadn't been a dishonest bastard with everybody and tried to steal the company away from its shareholders, that could have been me up there", perhaps? Could be...

An hour and a half of my life...

...that I will never get back was spent today on the telephone with this person and her charming, like-minded colleagues at my bank:

Bless their hearts, they lived up to their parents' expectations of them. Grumble and harrumph over, thank you for your attention.

PS: Learn all about Carol Beer here.

Atico Mining (ATY.v) 3q16 production

NR here, chart here:

The gold production total is just noise, what counts here is copper.